Wine Collectors

Assurance for Purchasers of Premium Wine

Wine fraud for premium wine brands is an increasing problem. If you're a collector of fine wines, you'll understand that you want to be sure you have the genuine item. The integrity of the product you've invested in is not simply an emotional issue. It is a financial one.

So how can you be sure that you have the genuine product that you thought you purchased? High quality counterfeit labels are now a given. The accuracy and fidelity of fraudulent labels can extend to authentic paper aging techniques. Reproduction of labeling, corking and bottling is now so sophisticated that even the experts have trouble picking them apart. Of course genuine bottles can also be refilled and recorked - with inferior but almost indistinguishable products.

ValidateWine provides information and services that helps provide confidence and assurance to fine wine collectors and consumers.

Premium wine producers invest a lot in building and protecting their brands. ValidateWine provides services to these producers which helps to limit the opportunities for fraud. This gives collectors and consumers the confidence that the product they paid for is the product they expected to receive.

So how does it work?

There is no single solution that addresses all occurances of fraud. However, the ValidateWine service provides a range of solutions to address a number of significant challenges for wine producers, collectors and consumers. The ValidateWine service allows the producers of fine wines to choose the level of protection that makes sense for their brand, and their customers, based on the value of the products they are protecting. Wine collectors should be confident that premium wine producers are consious of the need to better protect their reputation and brand.

Consumers will typically access the ValidateWine service via the wine producers web or mobile site. The service attempts to authenticate a bottle or package as being the genuine article using a variety of methods, technologies, and techniques - depending on the producers needs, capabilities and preferences. Generally, consumers will not need to access the ValidateWine service directly. However, we will provide information to consumers about known incidents and vulnerabilities that may affect you, so that you can be fully informed of the risks.

Note that we do not perform physical forensic investigations. If you're looking for these kinds of services, you may want to look at the likes of

So where do I go from here?

Some brands already utilise the ValidateWine service to help protect their products, customers and brands. You will find the ValidateWine service is embedded in their websites or mobile apps.

If you have a brand or product that does not provide this service and you would like us to help you validate your purchase, contact us and provide the name of the provider and the specific wine you are seeking to have validated. We will contact the producer and encourage them to work to improve their validation services.

If you have any other questions about ValidateWine, please contact us.

You can also check out Wikipedia for more information about different types of wine fraud.

Wine Producers

For producers of fine and collectable wines, the ValidateWine system provides product integrity and brand protection services which helps reduce wine fraud. Wine fraud is a rapidly increasing trend. Our methods and systems can be tailored to almost any situation.

The ValidateWine service is provided as an online service, operating seamlessly within the producers own website (or mobile web apps) to ensure customers have the greatest confidence that their premium collectable wine is authentic.

It is not designed to disintermediate the relationship between consumers and premium brands. It is explicitly designed to enhance the relationship.

How does it work?

ValidateWine solutions encompass a range of different protection methods and technologies. These come together and are tailored for each client to provide unique solutions - for all kinds of premium wines. Our online service offers consumers the ability to determine the likelihood that their wine is the genuine article. However, it is the combination of several protection mechanisms that provide the most effective anti-fraud solutions.

The ValidateWine online service allows consumers to visit the wine producers web site (or via mobile apps) and use our embedded online service to perform a number of functions, depending on the needs of the producer. For example, a contemporary premium vintage may have many technical protection mechanisms employed and will be easy to validate with various forms of identification and lineage data. Historical portfolios may only have a limited set of technical protection controls able to be used.

Each solution can be different depending on the wine producers needs and can inlude supply chain tracing via registration services. Wine producers can then track lineage of their product in the supply chain and fraud is more easily able to be averted. In more sophisticated examples, the entire "DNA" of a product is checked and validated to provide full assurance to both the consumer and producer.

Note that we do not perform physical forensic investigations. If you're looking for these kinds of services, you may want to look at the likes of

Each producers requirements will be different so we encourage you to contact us to find out how our service can be enabled for your premium brands.

Using the online validation service is a simple and cost effective way to get started.

Accessing the service

The ValidateWine online service allows a database lookup of known information to determine authenticity. The information stored is encrypted - with only wine producers able to see their own information. There is no "priviledged user" - so not even we can access your data stored in our service. When a consumer or wine producer makes a request to our service, only the specific information being requested is returned. There are no "deducable clues" given to the authenticity from the inquiry response.

The service is accessed either by calling our API's or by embedded web content - directly into the providers web site or mobile web app. You can see a live example here. There are many technical ways of achieving this and the solution chosen will depend on several factors. However, the integration solutions are all straight forward and cost effective.

You can try the service out using our live demo below

How much does it cost?

Only producers pay for the service. We know that you can't keep adding costs onto every bottle so we don't charge a per transaction fee. We also don't expect you to pay for us to build out the service by charging by scale/demand. All you pay is a very small "right to access" license fee, for each year, for each product you want to protect. It doesn't matter how much the service is used, the costs remain the same.

Please contact us for more information or to set up a customised trial of the service.

Live demo

The following live demo demonstrates the basic features of the online service. Use the serial numbers VAL1234 and VAL5678 and the email address (and/or your own email address) to see how the service works. Note that one serial number is tied to the email address while the other allows for anyone to register a serial number where prior lineage may not be known. Play around with different combinations to see how the service can be configured.

Wine Fraud News

Here's where you'll find the latest updated examples of wine fraud.

Italian Wine Fraud

Do you have some information about a recent incident? Add it to our wine fraud database and we'll check it out. It also help others to know what the risks are and to warn them before they get scammed.


If you have an example of wine fraud that isn't already in our wine fraud database, you can submit the details here so we can investigate.

Otherwise, enter your contact details and your inquiry and we will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.

Submit a Wine Fraud Incident

Here you can submit details of examples you've encountered of wine fraud. If you've only heard about it by rumour, please provide as many details as you can about when and where you heard the story. We'll try and piece it together and investigate further. At the very least, if you know, you should provide the label or wine producers name so that we can pursue it directly with them.


Validate Wine provides consulting services, on-line and offline verification services as well as general information about the increasing problems of couonterfeit premium wine. The service is provided to both consumers and providers of fine wines in an effort to promote confidence and protect brand integrity.



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